Submissions API

Using Getform API, you can programmatically query and filter your form submission data.

Get Submissions

Using the submission API endpoint, you can return a list of submission data using various filtering options that are similar to the functionality available in your Getform submission dashboard.

Sample Request

To fetch all your submission data, here is the example request:
curl -u{form_id}?token={getform_api_token}

Sample Response

//this is a sample GET response

Filtering Results

While you are requesting your form submission data, there are several filtering options you can use.

Page Option

Use the page parameter option to gather the results from a specific page.


curl -u}?token={getform_api_token}&page=2

Size Option

Use the size parameter option to limit the number of results. If you don't use this parameter the default size option will be applied as 10.


curl -u}?token={getform_api_token}&size=5

Query Option

Use the query parameter option to search a specific term within your form submissions.


curl -u}?token={getform_api_token}&query=doe

Timezone Option

Use the timezone parameter option to filter your submissions according to the timezone.


curl -u}?token={getform_api_token}&timezone=Europe/Istanbul

You can combine any request parameter with each other while making an API call.